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Intangible assets acquired after 31 March 2004 now have to be included in the accounts at ‘fair value’ where the provisions of International Financial Reporting Standard 3 apply. IFRS 3 also requires goodwill to be carried in the books at cost less accumulated impairment losses: the systematic amortisation of goodwill is no longer permitted.

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These intangible assets include brands, licences and trademarks where identification may cause difficulties.

Typically, in valuing the acquired intangible assets of a business entity, it will be necessary to reconcile the total price paid for the business entity to the fair value of the separate assets acquired.

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Our valuations use credible, well-accepted methodologies which provide well-documented and well-supported opinions of value.

We have significant experience in the valuation of acquired intangible assets where our opinions of value satisfy the requirements of the tax authorities, the financial reporting authorities and the auditors.

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